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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Doctor Who: The Darksmith Legacy: The Graves of Mordane by Colin Brake

On the Back of the Book

The Doctor has discovered the Darksmiths' Eternity Crystal and is determined to destroy it before it falls into the wrong hands. But to find out more about the Crystal, the Doctor must travel to Mordane, the peaceful cemetery planet. But once the sun goes down, Mordane turns into a planet of nightmares. Will the Doctor manage to hold on to the Crystal and fight off the living dead?

My Thoughts

I find this to be a worthy follow up to The Dust of Ages. The pace was consistent and even though this is by a different author the story progression feels natural. I also liked the recap of events so far at the beginning of the book. It's a handy little thing to have as opposed to having to read the story again, because that would evidently be boring for the intended audience of the story.

I loved the character Catz. She was the kind of girl that the Doctor would have as a companion. Chandra and the Captain however were pretty average and didn't really have much involvement in the story. The mystery surrounding the Darksmith Collective at this point is pretty gripping. I loved the Doctor but there were moments when he should have whipped out his specs, but he didn't. It's little quirks like this that should be mentioned in books that are spin offs of TV series.

I really liked the stories and the activities, they were very engaging. If I'm honest I preferred book 1 but the difference is so slight I'm not sure if it matters. The ending wasn't as much of a cliffhanger but it does raise some very interesting questions.

My Rating

4 stars - I stand by what I said when I gave book 1 4 stars. As a kids book, this is pretty awesome. As a Doctor Who book, it's pretty awesome. In other words, it's pretty awesome, a definite must for Doctor Who fans.
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