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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

***Review*** The Kin: Mana's Story The Kin #4 by Peter Dickinson

On the Back of the Book

'Blood falls,' said the voice. 'Men follow.'  Mana knows the awful prophecy could mean the end of the Kin.

The long journey of the children of the Kin has led them to a distant land. But here they are threatened by the deadliest enemy of all. People. Terrifying demon men, collectors of human skulls ...

The Kin's plan to trap the demon men is clever, horrifying, and very dangerous. But it is their only chance of survival. And it depends on Mana ...

Pre Read Thoughts

The final book in the Kin series and like the rest it was an impulse buy that cost me £1.50. I have to say, considering it's a second hand book it's in stunning condition. I'v seen brand new books that look tattier than this. Once again the cover illustration is absolutely gorgeous. It really draws you to it and makes you want to dive into it to see what it's all about. The synopsis is brilliant, I find myself so excited to read the book so that I can know what the Kin have to face next. I can't wait to finish the series.

Post Read Thoughts

The author changed things with this book and I don't think it worked. The main thing is the style of the oldtales, I personally didn't like the simpler way of telling them. I get that it's how the Kin would have told them but after three books of the other way it wasn't necessary to change the style. Also I think the plot of this story was slower than the others and it didn't grab me as the others did. I had to force myself to sit down and read the story. Saying that, the wirting and scene setting were phenomenal and I enjoyed them very much.

This is Mana's story and if I'm honest I wish it wasn't. Mana never really stood out in the previous stories as she had no personality or any quirks whatsoever. Wuth that opinion pretty much on my mind as I picked this up I hoped that the author was going to change my mind. That didn't happen though. She was dull as dishwater and being stuck with her PoV nearly bored me to tears. Tan was barely even mentioned but the other former children of the Kin (Suth, Tinu, Noli and Ko) seemed to have rediscovered the closeness of the first two books which I was glad to see.

Overall this book isn't as good as the others and I'm really disappointed by this. The oldtales were weak, the plot never really got going and the lead character failed to connect with me. As this is the last book I was hoping that such a good series would have a strong end. I found that there were still some loose ends that I would've liked clearing up. As it is this is pretty forgettable. I only finished this 2 hours ago and the details are starting to slip away. However I stand by my positive notes, the writing and scene setting were incredible and I think that having the children that were abandoned by the Kin close to one another is incredibly important.

My Rating

3 stars - I knew about halfway through the book that this wa gonna be my rating. I wish that this had been from either Tan or Tinu's PoV, I feel that using Mana was the wrong decision and this really held the story back.

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