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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

*** Review*** The Young Moon (Sky Song trilogy #2) by Sharon Sant

On the Back of the Book

'It is a prophecy, Watcher. And it foretells your destruction.'

So comes the stark warning from Astrae. But what does the prophecy that tells of the young moon actually mean?

Two years have passed and Jacob’s search for the second Successor brings him back to Earth. But his Watcher powers seem to be useless as the other Successor remains shrouded in mystery… And he soon discovers that his bitter uncle, Makash, is also hot on the trail.

Jacob’s quest takes him and Luca halfway across the globe in a race to get to the other Successor first. As they get closer to their goal the body count starts to rise and Jacob and Luca are dragged deeper into Makash’s deadly game as the net closes around them.

All Jacob has to do is cheat death, yet again, find another like him amongst the seven billion people that swarm over the face of the planet before Makash does, and thwart the prophecy that spells his doom. No pressure then…

The Young Moon is the second book of the Sky Song Trilogy.

Pre Read Thoughts
I’m choosing this because:

Well, if you remember I read ‘Sky Song’ by Sharon Sant... and I promptly turned into a wreck while trying to explain just how much I loved it. I remember comparing it to Matthew Gray Gubler... Well anyway, imagine my pleasure when I visited my email account for bloggy and found ‘The Young Moon’ in it. Can’t quite picture it? It was like watching a particularly good episode of ‘Doctor Who’ where you just find yourself fangirling and being genuinely happy. (There might have been jumping). I’m trying to say I got this for reviewing purposes!!

Judging a book by its cover:

I actually like this cover in the same ways that I like the ‘Sky Song’ cover. It’s simple but effective. I love the trees reaching up to the sky. The angle of the picture makes it even more stunning. The font is the same simple font used on ‘Sky Song’ and I feel that this helps to give the covers a nice sense of unity between the first book and ‘The Young Moon’.

Pricing the (possible) awesomeness:

You can purchase this from Amazon. It’s eBook only at the moment though so make sure you have some version of Kindle to read it on. It’s priced at £1.59 which is a bargain! I mean what are you waiting for? Buy the book!!

Post Read Thoughts

This book was even better than its predecessor. The story flowed with such grace and it led me on a journey across the world and had so many twists that I didn’t have a chance to even guess at what was going to happen next! The writing was once again beautifully descriptive and the way Sharon Sant creates such a realistic yet fantastical world blows me away. The end has such a massive cliffhanger and leaves you craving the final book, ‘Not of Our Sky’. Again the editing is sublime. I didn’t find a single mistake which, for me, is a sign that the quality of indie books is becoming phenomenal.

Luca – It’s almost like Sharon Sant heard me when I said in my ‘Sky Song’ review that I wanted more Luca (OMG SHE’S PSYCHIC!) and boy did she deliver! After reading ‘The Young Moon’ I can tell you that I love Luca. I love how he puts up with Jacob when he’s being a grouchy douche. He lightens the tone of the book and numerous times he had me giggling out loud. Although I want to point out he can be serious when he needs to be. He’s just a great character.

Jacob – Jacob. Jacob, Jacob, Jacob. What am I gonna do with you? He has these moments when he’s just a great guy who’s trying offload his destiny on to some other poor, unsuspecting successor and the next he’s captain douchebag. This doesn’t stop me liking him though, which is rather surprising. I feel it’s just because he wants to do this by himself when what he actually needs to do is let people in and stop trying to do everything by himself. Sometimes even an Astraen needs help! Just saying...

Successor number two – The main plot thread of ‘The Young Moon’ is to trace successor the 2nd so Jacob can stay on Earth with darling Ellen (I missed her in this instalment. She’s fierce.)  and his family. Now even though this mysterious Astraen entity doesn’t appear (or maybe they do...) they aren’t a major character but they’re so important. What I know of them is that they’re blatantly a pain to find. Hopefully they will be found in book 3 and then we can defeat Makash already!

Overall this is so good. It’s incredible! There are no words for how much I love this trilogy. So often in trilogies/series the books that are in the middle slump and you’re left banging your head against a brick wall, but with this I feel like we’re closer to our endgame. The quality of this is actually a lot better than some of the much hyped series that I’ve had the bad luck to read. The world building is so real and definitely something I can’t wait to read more. Now all that’s left to do is wait for the release of ‘Not of Our Sky’ in May.

My Rating

5 Stars – Well, I gave ‘Sky Song’ 5 and I said this was better so it has to be 5 doesn’t it? Or maybe 6 OUT OF 5!! Either way this is one of the best books I’ve read this year. Actually, THE BEST if I don’t include my re-read of ‘If I Stay’ by Gayle Forman.  I definitely recommend this to the world!! Seriously, if you love YA you need to read these.

A Final Note

I just need to thank Sharon Sant for the review copy and to point out that I received NO PENNIES for this lovely review. This is just what I actually thought.

1 comment:

Trish Hannon said...

Love getting a review copy from an author you love, its priceless :-)
These sound good and I mean that plural as I haven't read the first one either.
So that's 2 more for my tbr pile, where will this madness stop :-)


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